Well, let's get to it. I animate things. I take things that are not in motion, and make the move. They don't have a choice. I draw lines, I make keyframes, I move bones. Fun stuff. The programs I use most are Autodesk Motionbuilder, Adobe Flash, Unity3D, 3DS Max, and TVPaint, in order of most used to least used. I've loved watching cartoons as a kid and I enjoyed the idea of animating for games to give the medium I love, some interactivity.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Tampa in 2007 with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Game Art & Design. I currently work for a somewhat-small web and mobile game company doing 3D animations in Motionbuilder and 2D animations in Unity3D.

I like to do fun and silly animations as you may have noticed because I don't like to take things too seriously.